Galey Alix age, Career, Net worth, Bio, Family, and more

Galey Alix Age
Galey Alix Age

Galey Alix is an American Wall Street manager, interior designer, TV personality, and content developer. She is well known for Galley Alex Design, which specializes in home remodeling and interior design. So today our topic is galey alix age 

Home in a Heartbeat with Gilly Alex is a popular home remodeling show.Her new business reflects her hard work and upcoming clothes and home decor designs. 

She has also been featured in Elle Décor, House Beautiful, and Architectural Design. She rose to prominence through home décor DIY videos.

Profile Summary

Full Name Galey Alix Gravenstein 
Date of birth 11 November 1993
Birthplace United States, Florida
Age 31 years old 
Galey Alix’s height 5,5
Net worth$3 million
Material status Engaged

Who Is Galey Alix?

Galey alix is a renowned interior designer and house remodeler. People adore her because she has impeccable taste and can transform outdated homes.

Even though the house is ancient and in disarray, Gilly may utilize her ingenuity to transform it into a new, attractive, and functional living area.

She was a well-known television performer who gained a lot of attention. People learned about her through her TikTok account, where she posted videos of herself remodeling and decorating rooms.

What Is Galey alix age?

Galey Alix Age
Galey Alix Age

In 2024, Galey alix age is 31 years old. The interior designer was born November 11, 2023. His sign is Scorpio. Gainesville is where Alex grew up. Gilly Alex was reared by her parents, Gilly Hoover and Nicholas D. Gravenstein. 

Her father, Nicholas, is an anesthesiologist. Galley is American and Christian. His race is White Caucasian. This 30-year-old financial analyst has had several jobs. He is an ambitious entrepreneur. She takes on problems with gusto and inspires interior designers.

Galey Alix Career 

Galey began her career as an interior designer after college, working for several well-known design businesses in California. 

During this time, she learned a lot and improved her skills at work, but she quickly realized she wanted to work for herself, so she founded Galey alix age.

Galey’s Bio  early life and education

She was born on November 11, 1993, thus in 2024 she will be 24 years old. Her employment has been very short, but she has already accomplished a lot, such as becoming a popular interior designer and appearing on HGTV’s hit show.

Gilly’s parents were both painters, and his interest in design and creativity inspired him to pursue a career in the sector. She received a degree in interior design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles.

Does Galy Alix have  Siblings? 

Yes, Galy Alix has twins who have followed in their father’s footsteps. Her brother, Dale Moss, is a former NFL player and television personality, and her sister is also in the medical industry, but we do not have information regarding their names or occupations. 

Is Galey Alix married? 

Galey Alix isn’t married. She is engaged to her 33-year-old boyfriend, Dale Moss Alum, and they have been together for a long time. He is a football star who has also appeared on the television show Bachelorette. He was last seen on Clare Crawley’s Bachelorette season 4.

The Net worth of Galey Alix?

Galey’s net worth is predicted to be between $3.1 and $4 million by 2024. Galey Alix’s net worth is outstanding considering her age; she is a very successful woman. She works professionally as a TV creator, publicist, and content creation.


Galey alix age   is a young and lovely 31-year-old woman. He is a positive individual who has achieved success and is well-known in his community. 

Many of her clients and friends have positive things to say about her. Her family and fiancé are extremely close to her and have been for a long time.

Geely has always maintained her aims and love of design. His work has altered the lives of countless people, and his distinct style and approach continue to inspire others to pursue their aspirations.

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